Escape from Haunted House 13th Floor

Date: October 1st, 2015
Developer: .


You just received a letter saying that someone who used to own a large house left it to you. You were startled at first but decided to visit it anyway since the house is just a walking distance from where you are living now. You live alone in the city and when you tried to call your parents and asked about this matter, they were out of reach. Maybe because of the phone signal problem in your place. The house’s location is at the center of the forest. When you first saw it, the house was stunningly beautiful. Little did you know that it was a haunted house. When you entered the house, it suddenly became so messy and old. You tried to get out the house but the door won’t open. Inside, you can hear the screams of the spirits. Will you still be able to get out without the spirits harming you?